The Valve Beanies are in! Shipments go out every Tuesday.

Are you tired of cleaning excess oil, water and dust from behind your instrument’s valve cluster, or even worse from your dress pants?

Notable users and endorsers of The Valve Beanie include:

Members of The Cincinnati Symphony

Members of The Seattle Symphony

Members of The Cleveland Orchestra

Members of The Louisville Orchestra

Martin A. Wilk

Mark Adams

Michael Grose

Dan Satterwhite

"Love the Beanie! Haven't had to wipe the valve oil and water off of my tuba since I put it on. No more oil marks on dress pants either. This is a must have!"

- John DiCesare, Louisville Orchestra Tubist

"The Valve Beanie is a terrific accessory! It collects moisture, keeping the area around the valves clean, and my pant legs dry."

- Michael Grose, Tuba Professor, University of Oregon, Host of Tuba People TV

"The Valve Beanie is made from a soft, woven polyester and cotton fabric that is gentle to the silver and lacquer of the instrument, unlike other products that are made of non-porous vinyl which can be detrimental to the finish."

- Mark Adams, Professional Musical Instrument Repair Technician, Tamarac, Florida


I had the idea for The Valve Beanie™ after one of my monthly “tuba cleaning parties”. After hours of cleaning excess oil, water and dust from within my tuba’s valve cluster I decided that enough was enough.

Some of my colleagues shove towels behind the valve casing as an unsightly attempt to mitigate this problem, while others have given up all together and just deal with the oil, water, dust and dark tarnish stains.

When designing The Valve Beanie™, I spent a great deal of time trying different materials. Some were not washer and dryer safe, others weren’t absorbent enough, and a few were too air tight and blocked the vent holes underneath the valves creating a vacuum and a decrease in valve speed.

The outgrowth of years of dirty tubas and tarnish stains is The Valve Beanie™, a beanie for your valves that is designed to securely wrap around the back of your instrument’s valve casing, keeping it clean as new!

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From the moment it is installed it will begin to absorb oil and water keeping your instrument free from all debris and tarnishes linked to leaking liquids from your valves bottom vent holes.

The design and functionality of The Valve Beanie™ were at the forefront of my thoughts during the initial development process. Unlike other items sold made from rubbers, silicone or other non-absorbent materials, The Valve Beanie™ is made of an absorbent polyester and cotton blend. Issues such as leaking of liquids when the horn is placed upside down, build-up of dirt, slowing down of valve action, and damage to the instrument's finish are all problems that were thoroughly considered when designing The Valve Beanie™ and are now a thing of the past.

The Valve Beanie™ comes in three sizes

Small – Trumpet (all piston types, keys and models)

Medium – Baritone and Euphonium

Compensating instruments will install beanie on top three valves

Large – Tuba (piston tubas only)


Place one side of the Valve Beanie™ over either side of the valve assembly (valves 1 or 4 OR 1 or 3 in three valve instruments). While holding this side with one hand, pull and slide the second side of The Valve Beanie™ onto the other side of the valve assembly. Once both sides are in, slide The Valve Beanie™ as far up towards the finger buttons as your specific instrument’s design will allow.


The Valve Beanie™ is designed to capture oils and water. Although some oils and water naturally evaporate others will collect over time.

Hand washing and air drying OR machine washing and drying The Valve Beanie™ monthly will keep liquids from over saturating and leaking onto your instrument.

For optimum performance we recommend washing your Valve Beanie™ every two to three weeks. This is also a great time to wipe the bottom of your valve clusters clean of any oils and water.

Please contact me via the link below if you have any questions.