Reminiscent Waters for Tuba and Piano (Trombone or Euphonium)


Matthew Carlton

Reminiscent Waters for Tuba and Piano  (Trombone or Euphonium)

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By: Matthew Carlton

Commissioned by Joseph Guimaraes

My good friend and tuba player Joseph Guimaraes had been asking me for a couple of years to write him a solo tuba piece, but for the longest time, I was unable to do so, mainly from being too busy working on other projects. One day I finally promised him that I would write the piece he had been so persistently requesting for such a long time. I showed Joseph many of my early sketches to get his opinions and he and I continued working very closely together for my entire compositional process to ensure that everything I wrote would feel natural for the tuba. My primary goal while writing this piece was to give the tuba the chance to do the types of things it normally doesn’t get to do in standard repertoire like very melodic passages, something which the tuba is surprisingly adept for. For a while, after completing the piece it remained untitled, even up to the week before it was supposed to be premiered. I had been playing around with a few generic titles when Joseph approached me with his own suggestion: Reminiscent Waters. His own personal interpretation of the piece is of a man close to death reflecting on different memories from his life in a bittersweet way and he felt this title best illustrated that interpretation. His hopes are that the title Reminiscent Waters will help give players emotional insight into this composition.

I hope it does too.

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