“Joseph Guimaraes is a world-class musician and educator.  He has a wealth of musical knowledge which he shares effortlessly with the students at my school.  His unique style of teaching keeps all of my student musicians engaged and excited about the lesson.  His musicianship on the Tuba is awe-inspiring!  I have worked with many professionals in my career and Joseph truly stands out as one of the very best in the business.  It is truly a pleasure to have Joseph working with my students!”

Jeremy Barns, Director of Bands at Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, CT

“My lessons with Joseph are much more than discussions about breathing and rhythm.  His critical listening ability and aptitude to clearly, and concisely share his thoughts have given me the tools necessary for self analyses.  My musicality, technique and independence have greatly improved since starting weekly lessons with Joseph.”

Josef Andrew Lawrence, Yale University, Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics Major

“Joseph Guimaraes is one of the most musical tuba players I have heard in my five years of playing. He is humorous and engaging while still demanding a high level of preparation and musicality from me. I love our lessons together; he helps me with anything I need from musical things to helping me find my perfect first tuba. Joseph inspires me to keep pushing forward both on the tuba and in life. I hope to one day be a professional tuba player in an orchestra and I think our time together will help me get closer to achieving my goal. I have never had a teacher like Joseph, I see him as a mentor whom I can confide my most personal musical ideas. Thank you.”

Aaron Sutherland, Wilbur Cross High School Tubist, Yale Music in Schools Initiative Participant

“Having Joseph Guimaraes at The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach was an absolute pleasure. He was engaging and entertaining for our students while teaching them a number of important musical concepts.”

Nicole Kukieza, Director of Winds and Percussion at The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach

“Joseph Guimaraes reveals his virtuosity and passion for music with every note played.  His tuba pedagogy will light up your entire classroom, and leave every student with a smile on their face.”

John Provenzano, Director of Bands at Franklin Academy

Teaching Method

My method of teaching is an outgrowth from teachings of current and past teachers. I believe that our task as educators isn’t to always tell the student what, or how to play, but instead to teach them the skills they need to develop their own unique voice. My goal is to create well rounded musicians who are capable of performing at a high level of proficiency in all areas of their instrument. Achieving this will result in a performer who isn’t bound by technical limitations, but is rather free to express their art form (voice) to the highest possible level.

Schedule Your Lesson Today!

Please take a moment to fill the the form linked below to schedule your lesson, thank you.

Lesson Payments

After we have confirmed your scheduled lesson time, please use the link below to pay for your lesson.
Students having an in person lesson may choose to pay with cash or check during time of lesson.

Please read cancellation procedures below prior to making your payment.

Additional Information

> My Skype name is TubistJoseph

> Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour long.

> Cost - $55/hour or $75/hour and a half.

> Lessons are to be pre-paid via the online store, or by cash/check if in person.

> Internet connection will be made 5 minutes prior to the scheduled Skype lesson time.

> Locate yourself in a place free from distractions. (Skype and in person lessons)

> Make sure you are in a location with a strong, AND constant internet connection.
(Skype lessons)

> If possible, please use quality electronic equipment. (Skype lessons)

> Be proactive in making sure that you, and your set-up are ready to go prior to the start of the lesson. (Skype and in person lessons)

> Always be as prepared as you can be for every lesson!

Recording Equipment Used During Skype Lessons

I strive to use only the highest quality electronic equipment for all Skype lessons

Audio input – Sony HDR-MV1

Audio output – Bose SoundLink Speaker III

Image – Built-in Macbook Pro Camera, sometimes Sony HDR-MV1 camera

Cancellation Procedures

1. If we experience continuous connection loss during the initial 15-20 minutes, the student may choose to reschedule the lesson, or receive a full refund. (Skype lessons)

1a. If student does not attend scheduled lesson within the initial 15 minutes, lesson will automatically be cancelled and, if pre-paid, no refund will be issued.

If student does not attend scheduled lesson within the initial 15 minutes, lesson will automatically be cancelled, if lesson has not been pre-paid, a lesson invoice will be sent via email to the student or guardian.

Please contact me via my telephone, email, or contact page if unforeseen circumstances arise. (e.g. traffic, weather delay, illness etc.)

2. If internet connection is so bad where we cannot communicate at all, please contact me via my contact page, OR at TubistJoseph@gmail.com immediately to prevent a non-refundable lesson cancellation. (Skype lesson) (Please refer to point 1a.)

3. In the event I need to cancel a scheduled lesson, the student may choose to reschedule the lesson, or receive a full refund. (Skype or in person lesson)

4. Students may not cancel a pre-paid scheduled lesson. Lessons may be rescheduled if done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson start time.