The Mouthpieces for All Initiative

Mission Statement: To promote and encourage music education to youth while focusing on specific training aspects that can inform life choices outside of the arts.

Over 37 Donations Made Since April 2016!
Mission Statement: To promote and encourage music education to youth while focusing on specific training aspects that can inform life choices outside of the arts.

These are some of the pictures from our first international donation.

Every philanthropic effort has to start somewhere, and we are no different. It was with the help of Terry Warburton and The Warburton Company that we were able to donate twenty brand new trumpet mouthpieces to Iris Vieira in Recife, Brazil. She will serve as the liaison of TMPFAI in South America, finding children whose acceptance of our donation will serve as a means to opportunity. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this possible, this is only the beginning of something very special. Please consider donating to our mission and helping us change the lives of children all over the world.

“Although everyone has the potential to succeed, not everyone is presented with the opportunities to do so.”

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Donations made since April 2016

The Mouthpiece Is The Key

Our logo is encompassed within the outline of a keyhole. That is because we believe that our musical offerings may assist in transforming each recipient’s lives into something limitless and abundant with opportunity. We hope that with your assistance, our donations will bring to every child a greater sense of awareness and self-worth that may one day serve as the key to a better life.

The gift of empowerment and increased self-worth is most often accompanied by a concurrent strengthening of one’s morals, opinions, and overall self-efficacy.  Although we now serve as the mouthpiece for those children without a voice, we hope that through our combined efforts that they will develop the courage to stand and speak not only for themselves but for other children in need.

Donation Pictures

Nairobi, Kenya

MPFAI Would Like To Thank

TMPFAI would like to thank Howard Russell from NYC for donating his beautiful Yamaha trumpet to TMPFAI. His trumpet was donated to Gian Carlo who will be continuing his education in the Dominican Republic, thank you.

TMPFAI would like to thank Larry Mann for his generous donation of 20 tuba mouthpieces. We at TMPFAI are beyond thrilled to know we have your support. Thank you.

TMPFAI would like to thank Patrick Lugo (South Florida, tubist) for his donations of four beautiful tuba mouthpieces and valve oils towards our mission. We want you to know that we are working very hard to find children whose acceptance of your donation could prove to be life changing. Thank you.

TMPFAI would like to thank dean Jon Robertson and the Lynn University Conservatory of Music for your generous support. Your understanding and encouragement of our vision is encouraging beyond words. Thank you.

TMPFAI would like to thank the Anello family for their generous financial contribution towards our mission, thank you.

Thank you to Terry Warburton, his wife, and his team at the Warburton Co. for their speedy contribution to the MPFAI. His donation of twenty brand new trumpet mouthpieces will be a monumental start towards our mission. We are tremendously excited that so many will have the opportunity to play on such world class mouthpieces. Thank you.

Nicole Guimaraes

The Mouthpieces for All Initiative is incredibly proud to have donated 7 mouthpieces and a flute to ‘Ghetto Classics,’ an El Sistema program which services several Kenyan slums. My wife, Nicole Guimaraes spent two weeks in July of 2018 working and learning alongside the wonderful instructors and administrative staff of Ghetto Classics. We, at TMPFAI, are both thrilled and hopeful that these musical donations will assist in the experiences and future opportunities of the recipients.

Without your willingness and positive disposition, TMPFAI would not have been able to get these donations in the hands of these amazing human beings.

Thank you!

How It All Began

I have a similar story to many of the children that I am now trying to help. My immediate family and I immigrated to the United States from Brazil in December of 1998 in pursuit of a better life. Once here, by chance, I was placed in the local public school’s music program. Although the school was free, there were additional expenses that came with being in the band. Since this music program was especially privileged and had the resources to provide each student with his or her own instrument, I did not have the additional expense of having to rent or purchase one — an issue to common across many programs here at home, and internationally.

I did, however, have to buy a mouthpiece of my own. Upon returning home that afternoon, I told my parents about this unforeseen expense. The band director required all of us to get a Helleberg mouthpiece (this is the same mouthpiece outlined in the initiative’s logo) which at that time cost somewhere around sixty dollars. This amount was enough to cause distress between my parents. I remember my mother sitting me down and explaining that if I was not able to find an alternative that I would need to enroll in a less expensive course.

I had my first mouthpiece, the required Helleberg (pictured to the right) donated to me by the music director. That single act granted me all the privileges that came with collaborating with others in music-making.

Eventual praises and words of affirmation towards my music-making gave me the confidence to pursue a life of music. That day, my middle school band director gave me much more than a mouthpiece. He gifted me the opportunity to develop higher self-worth by participating in his band program.

I will not say that all children presented with opportunities will instinctively grab them. Nor is this the purpose of the initiative. We are also not in the business of creating musicians, but instead, of using music to teach life skills that transcend any single application.

It is often the case where instincts have atrophied due to feelings of inadequacy and stratification, or un-belonging.

Our mission to foster humanistic elements such as increased self-efficacy and self-worth that will empower individuals to seek out opportunities and eventually grab them.

Help Us Achieve Our Mission!

There are four main ways you can help:
1. Equipment donation

We politely ask that all donations be in working condition

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2. Financial contribution

The money you donate is vital to the efficient operation of the initiative. Your contribution will aid in scholarship funds, national educational programs, essential instrument repairs, re-plating of used mouthpieces, acquisition of new equipment, and covering shipping costs.

3. Volunteer your skills and talents

We are always looking for volunteers! If you or someone you know would like to volunteer your skills and time, please let us know!

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4. Be an ambassador of our initiative

Spread the word! Mention us on facebook, and other social media sites. Help us become visible to others who may be able to help us.